We supply and rehabilitate all types of valves (Plug valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves) in addition to the valves actuators.


Supplying and rehabilitating thermal exchange pipes and the condenser pipes of all types (U-tubes, Fin tubes).

Construction Fuel Tanks

Construct the fuel tanks with its pipeline for refineries and power plants .

Cast steel

Performing all works of steel casting and mechanical operation works.

Gear boxes

Our company deals with international companies in the field of supplying and rehabilitating most types of gear boxes of all capacities and speeds. Our company concluded many governmental contracts to supply gear boxes from international origins.


We have the capacity to supply steam boilers by their two types (steam or oil) and the Super Heater System, with supplying their spare parts (pipes, fittings).


We have joint ventures with the international companies specialized in the field of small and large fans, by different diameters and by specifications resistant to decay and heat, according to the work's requirements and by different types (GR fans), (FD Fans), (Exhaust fans).


We have the capability to supply and rehabilitate pumps of all types with regard to use and size, through manufacturing and assembling their spare parts, like (impeller shafts, rubber bearings and mechanical seals).

Expansion joint

Our company supplies metal and rubber expansion joints for the high and low pressures.